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Venom Gaiter

Venom Gaiters are the ideal protective option when venturing into unfamiliar territory. Designed to wrap around the calf, the item is designed and tested to resist bites from Australian snake species. However, these are not to be fooled for being bite proof. No item can eliminate the risk of bites 100%, however they provide a superior protective option being double stitched with zips and Velcro.

The Venom Gaiter is constructed from a Fang Shield membrane, twin riveted lace hooks and adjustable webbed strapping to ensure the product provides maximum effect and fit. The item is fully reinforced with angled closure points and heavy duty zippers.

The Venom Gaiter comes with the option of two colours; slate and Desolve Bare Camouflage. To increase products protective capability, the item comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from small to extra-large, as we know far too well one size does not fit all.

The Venom Gaiter has undergone extensive testing to ensure maximum effectiveness, and we have the utmost confidence in this product. Throughout the testing process the Venom Gaiter samples were meticulously inspected for puncture marks across a range of Australian snake species. No fang penetration occurred across the test range.

Contact us today at Deer Hunter Australia to discuss the full effectiveness and sizing guidelines of the Venom Gaiter today.

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